About Regional Services

CNC Express Inc. provides flexible, short haul transportation services through our Regional division, strategically positioned throughout the United States. Whether your cargo requires expedited movement, a climate-controlled environment, or secure transit, CNC Express Inc. has a solution, and can uniquely deliver your freight safely, efficiently, and on time. Our Regional transportation crews are elite, highly experienced professionals who provide exceptional service at competitive rates. One of our hallmarks is the quality of our drivers and support staff—professionals who are experienced, skilled, and devoted to customer satisfaction. Our people make the difference in the success of every transaction.

Service Areas:

  • West Regional
  • Midwest Regional

Benefits of using CNC Express Inc. Regional:

  • Reliable on-time service
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Real-time satellite tracking and communication
  • Solo Service
  • Team Transit Advantage
  • A large driver and tractor base to draw from should problems arise
  • Competitive transportation rate

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